joi, 28 noiembrie 2013

Anna Pavlova and Yulia Inshina will compete for Azerbaijan

On the latest news from the International Gymnastics Federation, made public today, we found out that among the gymnasts who changed their nationality are also two Russian gymnasts. Veteran Anna Pavlova and her much younger team mate Yulia Inshina decided to change their nationalities to be able to compete for Azerbaijan.

Veteran Anna Pavlova (26) competed on two Olympics Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. In Athens she won 2 bronze medals with the Russian team and on Vault final. Besides her Olympic medals she also has 4 bronze and 4 silver medals in European and World Championships. It's a good thing and admirable too that at her age she still wants to compete.

Yulia Inshina who turned 18 this year has only one international medal, a silver with the Russian team in 2011 Tokyo World Championship. Even if she was a alternate for the team that went to Tokyo, Yulia was placed on the team after Maria Paseka got injured. Yulia contributed with her beam performance on the team second place.

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